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Building Information/Schedule

Arrival and Dismissal


Car riders are dropped off in the back of the school beneath the stairs. Students should exit the car from the passenger side door so they can walk safely on the sidewalk and up the stairs without getting in the line of cars.  STUDENTS MAY NOT BE DROPPED OFF PRIOR TO 8:45. Please have your child wait with you in the car until 8:45 am. If you require child care before that time, you may inquire with the ROSCCO before school program at 323-0681 or 977-2734.  Only families living within walking distance to the school may use the walker door in front of the school.


At dismissal, car riders are dismissed to the back of the building beneath the stairs. Cars should enter from Roxbury Road and pull up to the sidewalk as far as possible. Students will enter the car from the passenger side door so the can walk safely from the sidewalk to the car without getting in the line of cars.

Walkers are dismissed to the cafeteria. Parents should park on Roxbury Road and wait outside of the front foyer under the overhang. Parents may not enter the building or open the door and should wait for assigned faculty to open the door to the cafeteria. For safety purposes, when you have your child, please immediately exit the pick up area so we can better monitor who has not been picked up and keep everyone safe. The playground is very close and there are also park benches beneath the trees in the field that are safe locations for your children to play in after they have been picked up.


All buses drop off and pick up students in the front of the building. EXPECTATIONS FOR BEHAVIOR ON THE BUS AND AT THE BUS STOP ARE THE SAME AS FOR IN SCHOOL.

Parents of student who demonstrate unsafe behavior on the bus or at the bus stop will be called if their children fail to follow bus rules. Repeated misconduct on the bus may result in parent meetings and bus suspensions. Please work with your child to understand that he or she is responsible for his or her own behavior on the bus.

All students registered to take the bus will receive a letter identifying the location of the stop and pick up time. It is suggested that you walk your child to and from the bus stop a few times to be sure he/she feels comfortable with the route. Please call First Student Company at 325-8538 or the Stamford Public Schools Transportation Office at 977-4248 with questions about your child’s bus. 


It is our responsibility to keep your children safe at all times. We will not honor phone calls to the school changing your child’s dismissal procedure. If you have an emergency, we will hold your child in the office until someone on the emergency contact card can pick your child up. You may also send a note to school with additional names.