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(July 4, 2016)


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Join the Ferguson Library Summer Reading Program.  Click here for the sign-up page on the library's website.

Read every day to meet the top goal of 1,000 minutes!  Click here for the Ferguson Library summer reading list.

Use online learning programs (Important Links and Media page).

Attend our summer event with Neighbors Link (information to follow).

Dr. Bonasera's reading goal is 1,400 minutes.  He has read for 250 minutes so far (July 4).

School Hours

Arrival:  8:45-9:00

Academic Day:  9:00-3:30

Dismissal 3:30-3:45

Early Release Day:  9:00-1:20

Delayed Opening:  11:00-3:45

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Meals Program

Click here for the meals program page on our district website.