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(January 13, 2015)

We will begin school at our regular start time on Wednesday, January 28.

    Respect •  Ownership  • eXcellence

    At Roxbury School, we believe that learning starts with personal responsibility.   All members of our community are expected to be respectful of others’ feelings, property, privacy, personal space and learning.   We take responsibility for our work, our behavior, and our school.   We strive for excellence in all we do because we have a growth mindset.   We come to school to learn and grow each and every day.   Character is what we do when no one is looking.   We know that school is a public space and that we must behave as though the world is watching.   We know that we keep all inappropriate language, behavior, songs, and games outside of school.    We know that everyone in our school community shares common goals.   We want all of our students to learn, grow, and be successful so they will be prepared for middle school, high school and beyond.  Roxbury ROX with Good Character!



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